Here are some animal-derived ingredients commonly found in household products


A solid substance produced in the intestines of sperm whales often used in perfumes and cosmetic products.


Down is the name for bird feathers, often from a duck or a chicken used for stuffing pillows, comforters, and coats.


Also used in food products, gelatin is derived from the collagen extracted by the bones, ligaments, and hooves of animals.


Lanolin, a fat derived from wool, is often used in cosmetics and personal care products.


Suede, like leather, comes from the skin of cows.


Once widely used for lubrication and candle wax, tallow is now primarily used in the production of certain biofuels. Commercially, it may be found in some shaving products.

What are The Tests?

Animals used in laboratory tests include mice, rats, dogs, cats, and rabbits, and many more. The kinds of tests done on animals vary and are not always by name, as are the two below.

Commonly, testing is performed on animals to determine toxicity (how poisonous a substance is), irritancy (how a substance reacts with animal tissue), or mutagenicity (how a substance affects DNA).

Draize Test

When you first heard products like shampoos were tested on the same bunny rabbits you saw at the pet store, you might have imagined these rabbits getting their fur washed on a daily basis.

Actually, tests like the Draize test are tests for toxicity. The Draize test involves dabbing a substance in the eye of a conscious animal (often a rabbit) and letting it linger to study its possible effects on the human eye.

Why are rabbits used specifically? Because rabbits have no tear ducts.


Median Lethal Dose

The Median Lethal Dose, also known as LD50, is a metric of toxicity determined by the dosage required to kill half of a group of animals.

For example this test shows it takes 90,000 mg/kg of water (yes, water) or 50 mg/kg of Nicotine to kill half of a group of rats.


Vegan Vendors

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While not an exclusively vegan storefront, Amazon actually has a large directory of vegan foods available in bulk in their grocery department.

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